Ian Cobb

Ian Cobb is an attorney at the Nava Law Firm. He focuses his practice on criminal defense – avidly defending those accused of crimes in courts throughout Arizona. Originally from Littleton, Colorado, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. He then moved down to a warmer climate and received his Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University. 

Throughout law school Ian interned at both prosecutor and defense offices. This experience helped him to better understand how cases in Arizona are handled and strategies to defend them. In law school he was awarded the Trial Advocacy Certificate and the Highest Pro Bono Distinction. He can assist you with your criminal matter from when it is first charged through post-conviction matters. Ian is passionate about criminal defense and criminal justice reform which makes him a strong team member at the Nava Law Firm for defending those accused of crimes.

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Manuel Vasquez

Armando is best attorney hands down! Awesome ways of communicating with me utilizing multiple forms of communication like his portal/phone/ or text! He also will always try to find the best deals for you possible. Lastly, very resourceful as to who he can verify you with for different services/needs if he’s not able to help you with something!

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5 star review
Joan Espinoza

If I could give Armando Nava more than a 5 star review I would do it in a heart beat. I have known him for a while now and he is someone I genuinely respect and admire. He is there for you no matter how hard or easy your case is, he does not judge you, and he does everything in his power to make the client satisfied.

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5 star review

I am writing this review almost a year after my charge (that I thought was going to do a year in jail) was dismissed. Armando has been very transparent and always available. I still ask him for legal advice even after my case was finished and he always helps. He will be a great ally for you and has been a dear friend for me.

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Our Case Results

Second Time DUI

Woman was charged with her second DUI within 7 years after being involved in a collision in Scottsdale. Through our investigation, we found multiple mistakes made by the arresting officer. These errors were used to get the prosecution to reduce the alleged offense to a charge with no jail time. Result: Charge Reduced w/ No Jail.

Drug DUI

A man was pulled over by Salt River Police Department while visiting from out of town. Despite showing no signs of impairment, the officers arrested him and charged him with DUI Drugs. We investigated the case heavily and interviewed every officer involved. Ultimately, a motion to suppress was filed and granted after an evidentiary hearing before a Judge. Result: Case Dismissed.

Aggravated Assault

A man was charged with attacking a family with a knife. After reviewing the evidence, it was determined that the instrument used was not a knife at all. The Grand Jury had been misled, so we filed a motion challenging the grand jury presentation. The prosecutor, confronted with the truth, agreed to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor with no jail time. Result: Charge Reduced to a Misdemeanor.


A man was out on a walk and was stopped by police because he was in the area of an attempted vehicle theft. The man maintained his innocence, but the owner of the truck identified him as the man he saw attempt to steal it. We worked tirelessly to prepare a defense and get the prosecution to see reason. The State wouldn’t budge, so the case went to trial. Result: Not Guilty After Jury Trial

Resisting Arrest

A client was charged with resist arrest after being targeted by police during the protests of Summer 2020. Our firm developed a strategy with activists and members of the media that led to a dismissal of our client’s case and, eventually, all cases connected to the political prosecution of the protesters. Result: Case Dismissed.

Domestic Violence

A woman and her boyfriend were arguing over the cleaning of their apartment. The police were called after things escalated and the woman was arrested. The Mesa City Prosecutors originally wanted the woman to do jail time. After working the case and providing background information, we were able to get the prosecutor to allow the woman to complete classes in exchange for a dismissal. Result: Case Dismissed After Diversion.