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Every year there are tens of thousands of DUI arrests that occur in Arizona. According to, in 2015 there were approximately 22,367 DUI arrests in Arizona. With this type of arrest occurring that often, there are professional attorneys that have the experience to help you through this tough time.  Nava Law understands that good people can find themselves in bad situations and our goal is to help you through the situation you are in and provide the best outcome possible. 

Why do I need to hire an Phoenix DUI Attorney?

If you have been charged with a DUI, you should speak with an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible. A DUI charge is not something that you will want to take lightly, especially in Arizona, which is known for tough DUI laws. If you hire an attorney, they will be able to help you with:

  • Developing a strategy for your DUI Defense
  • Protecting your future
  • Providing experienced guidance through the entire process
  • Helping to reduce your stress during this tough time
  • Avoiding critical mistakes that could make you suffer harsher penalties

DUI's can also come in many different forms. Each type of DUI needs to be assessed and handled based on the unique circumstance. The different types of DUI are:

A DUI is not always drinking and driving. If you are arrested for a Drug related DUI, these benefits still apply to you as well. 

Working with Nava Law Firm, PLLC

At Nava Law, we can help you understand the position you are in based on the facts of your case. This means that we can let you know what is at stake in terms of potential fines, community service, home detention and even prison time based on factors like prior convictions, police evidence and the details surrounding your arrest. 

Though DUI charges are serious, when you reach out to us, you'll find you have options and you can rely on our extensive experience. 

Armando Nava is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and an Executive Board Member with Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice. With Nava Law, you can be confident in our handling of your case


  • We thoroughly investigate your case to find inconsistencies that could result in dropped or lesser charges.
  • Our experience in the state's various courts allows us to negotiate with prosecutors effectively, giving you your best possible chance at receiving a reduced sentence.

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