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How Much Does a Traffic Ticket in Arizona Really Cost?

Armando Nava

Getting a traffic ticket, whether it’s for parking illegally or speeding, may not help your finances any, but it certainly helps the state’s. Traffic tickets help to pay for all kinds of things, from the state’s elections to funding emergency medical training. Tens of millions of dollars are contributed to government programs every year in Arizona as a result of fines levied against traffic lawbreakers. While this may seem beneficial, the costs of a traffic ticket can sometimes be crippling.

A lot of critics argue that while certain fees and fines can help fund government programs, they can also be incredibly detrimental to low-level offenders. This is because a traffic violation often costs much more than the cost of the fine indicates.

The Arizona Republic made a handy bar graph showing how a $95 ticket becomes $243. Arizona has state-mandated surcharges of 83 percent of the principal fine for city fees, which means that if you’re required to pay $95, you’ll be required to pay another $79 on top of that. Unfortunately, the surcharges don’t stop here.

In addition to the state-mandated surcharges, you’ll also have to pay for other flat fees on top of what you already owe, including:

  • $13 police training fee
  • $20 county probation department fee
  • $2 victim’s rights fund fee
  • $7 court restitution fund fee
  • $27 court technology fee

Added up on top of what was originally a $95 ticket and you’re suddenly paying 156 percent more. If that wasn’t painful enough, if you aren’t able to pay on time, you’ll be forced to pay an additional penalty of $40.

Because of how expensive traffic tickets can become after all of the surcharges, they’re worth fighting in court. If you’ve recently received a traffic ticket that you believe was not warranted, be sure to contact us at Nava Law in Phoenix, AZ, to discuss your specific legal issue today.

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